Cliniweb is a 'home-brew' software package, made by a GP for GPs
It is cloud based. It can be accessed on any platform, and on any smart device, tablet or computer
The paperless age has begun
The software has the following features:
Book Clients
Book appointments or accept walk-ins. The system caters for both.
Manage your waiting room and queuing system
Record your notes with a few clicks.

Record and monitor vitals
View trailing vitals to quickly see trends

Keep track of what you have dispensed or scripted.
Cliniweb can record and manage your dispensed stock.
Monitor for stock loss and early warning for stock that is running out.
Create beautiful, and legible scripts. Scripts can be emailed to a pharmacy, or printed.

Repeat chronic scripts can be done in 2 clicks.

Sick Notes
Cliniweb can create your sick note, or FRL note. No need to keep printed sick-note pads that can be abused by staff.
Sick notes can be verified online by employers
Keep track of the tests you order.
Integrated with some pathlabs to receive results electronically
Easy to order chronic batch of tests
Medical Aid submission
Built in claim submission.
Send real-time claims to medical aid, with real time responses (medical aids that support real time)

Built in remittances check for most major medicalaids.

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