COVID-19 Doctors on Call Registration


Become part of the family of doctors that have made it their social responsibility to volunteer their time to help South Africans through this crisis!

Make a difference today


Doctors on Call is a program which offers a free Covid-19 helpline, operating during the hours of
8am-5pm (Monday-Friday), manned by our dedicated community of doctors. Administered by a
local call centre, all calls are received by a trained call centre agent, screened and then rooted to a
doctor-on-call, for advice related to Covid-19.

  • We are not a tele-medicine or tele-health platform
  • We are not offering consultation services.
  • Principle Aims

    Reassure caller about concerns they may have
    Screen and refer individuals to their primary care facility for testing and management of COVID-19
    Advise the public on general hygiene and quarantine measures.
    Clarify fact from fiction

    To continue, you will need to be registered with HPCSA as a Medical Doctor
    Be in good standing with council
    Be willing to volunteer your time to assist the public over the phone
    We are guided by NICD and DOH
    You will need to have a smart device with internet access.

    Download an Overview of the program
    Onboarding process

    Mobile number
    Email address
    HPCSA Number (leave out the MP)
    Which province do you work in?
    VendaSouth Sotho
    North SothoTswana